NEEP533 Course Notes (Spring 1999)
Resources from Space

NEEP 533 / Geology 533 / Astronomy 533 / EMA 601
2:25-3:15 MWF     265 Matls. Science & Engr.    
News Flashes (03/05/99)

Date #   Instructor Topic     Term Paper
20-Jan99 1 W Kulcinski Course Intro and Requirements

Topics&Style Sheet

22-Jan 2 F Schmitt A Trip to the Moon/One Environmental System [PDF]


25-Jan 3 M Schmitt Resource Requirements in Space [PDF]


27-Jan 4 W Brown Resource Limitations on Earth-Minerals


29-Jan 5 F Kulcinski Resource Limitations on Earth-Energy


1-Feb 6 M Churchwell Big Bang Theory/Origin of Elements [PDF]


3-Feb 7 W Churchwell Origin of the Solar System-Sun, Planets, Solar Wind/Galileo [PDF]


5-Feb 8 F Churchwell Origin of the Solar System-Asteroids, Comets [PDF]


8-Feb 9 M Santarius Overview Transportation (Trajectories)


10-Feb 10 W Schmitt Evolution of the Moon as a Planet


12-Feb 11 F Schmitt Evolution of the Moon as a Planet


15-Feb 12 M Schmitt Lunar Prospector & Other Recent Observations of the Moon


15-Feb   M All Evening with the Faculty-Union South-7 PM


17-Feb 13 W Schmitt Potential Resources of the Moon


19-Feb 14 F Schmitt Evolution of Mars as a Planet


22-Feb 15 M Schmitt Possible Life on Mars


24-Feb 16 W Kulcinski Nuclear Power Sources in Space


26-Feb 17 F Kulcinski Exam [PDF]


1-Mar 18 M Schmitt Potential Resources of Mars


3-Mar 19 W Schmitt Potential Resources On and From the Asteroids/Comets

titles due

3-Mar   W All Evening with Videos of Impact Cratering, Miners, Rovers, and Nuclear Rockets


5-Mar 20 F Schmitt Mars Base Activation Scenarios


6-14Mar       Spring Break


15-Mar 21 M Kulcinski Extraction Techniques-Solar Wind Volatiles


17-Mar 22 W Kulcinski Extraction Techniques- Oxygen


19-Mar 23 F Brown Extraction Techniques for Minerals in Space


22-Mar 24 M Kulcinski Fusion-Principles


24-Mar 25 W Kulcinski Helium-3 Fusion


26-Mar 26 F Kulcinski Helium-3 Significance

outlines due

29-Mar 27 M Kulcinski/Schmitt Mine Planning and Mining Concepts for Lunar Resources


31-Mar 28 W Schmitt Lunar Base Activation Scenarios


2-Apr 29 F Kulcinski Radiation Effects to Humans


5-Apr 30 M Schmitt Recent Probes for the Exploration of Mars


7-Apr 31 W Santarius Getting There and Back-Electric Propulsion


9-Apr 32 F Santarius Getting There and Back-Fusion Rockets


12-Apr 33 M Griffin Getting There & Back-Devel. of Heavy Lift Launch Vehicles [PDF]


14-Apr 34 W Schmitt Legal Implications


16-Apr 35 F Schmitt International Implications


19-Apr 36 M Kulcinski Applications-Orbiting Solar Satellite


21-Apr 37 W Kulcinski Applications-Lunar Solar Station


23-Apr 38 F Kulcinski Overall Effect of Space Resources on the Earth-Moon System

papers due

26-Apr 39 M Thompson Economics of Large Space Projects [PDF]


28-Apr 40 W Thompson Economics of Large Space Projects [PDF]


30-Apr 41 F Schmitt/Santarius Commercial Access to & Use of Lunar Resources


3-May 42 M Schmitt Interlune/InterMars Initiative


5-May 43 W All Summary


9-May   S Kulcinski Final Exam


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