NEEP533 Course Notes (Spring 1999)
Resources from Space

News Flashes!

03/05/99   The following 3 books for NEEP 533 are on reserve at the Astronomy Library (Sterling Hall, North Charter Street):
       1) Encyclopedia of the Solar System
       2) Lunar Sourcebook, A User's Guide to the Moon, and
       3) The Once and Future Moon
"Mining the Sky" (Jack's personal book) is available by checking it out with SueAnn Hubanks, 439 ERB, and reviewing it in the Maynard Library, 4th floor of ERB.
03/01/99   BACTERIA FLOURISH UNDER GLACIER! Sediments beneath a Swiss glacier teem with bacteria populations (Science News, 1999, 155, 101).
    NASA AND NSF LOOK AT LIFE IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS! NASA and the NSF are combining research programs to look at life in extreme environments, including those that may be similar to isolated environments on Mars and Europa (Space News, March 1, 1999).
    MARS VOLCANISM WITHIN LAST 100 MILLION YEARS! Crater counts on apparent lava flow surfaces photographed by Mars Global Surveyor suggest activity in the last 100 million years (Science News, 1999, 155, 117).
    MARS CHANNELS FORMED BY UNDERGROUND WATER! Mars Global Surveyor photos support underground water as the source of the water that eroded the Martian channels rather than rain. Volcanic activity may have been the primary source of heat (Science News, 1999, 155, 117).
    PAHs IN ICE EVOLVE! Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are present interstellar space. Experimentally, under ultraviolet radiation, these PAHs evolve into ethers, quinones, and alcohols when catalyzed by ice. This may be a step toward further evolution into amino acids, etc. and their delivery to the planets via comets and chondrites (Science, 1999, 283, 1123-124).
02/22/99   SUMMER INTERNSHIPS: The National Space Society has initiated a summer internship program for activities related to lunar resources. $2000 for six weeks of work. See Profs. Kulcinski or Schmitt if you want to apply. Hurry! Projects are going fast! If this summer intern program interests you, please submit the information required of the student in sections 1 and 6 of the Applicant Information Form to Professor Kulcinski or Schmitt by March 1, 1999. Please schedule a meeting with one or both for March 1-5 to discuss potential project, schedules, and Faculty Researchers for your work.

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