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This web site was orginally set up on a physical host maintained by Fusion Technology Institute staff. Budget-driven reductions in critical personnel -- in fact, the web master and maintainer of the web server -- resulted in the web server being maintained, but without substantial updating of the website since approximately 2014. Further reductions in staffing and the virtual dissolution of what remained of the Institute motivated the acting web master to move the website to a web hosting system managed by the University of Wisconsin Division of Information Technology, for the purpose of keeping the considerable volume of information available on this site available to the world-wide Fusion community for many years to come, long after the individuals responsible for creating and assembling this information have left the University, or have shuffled off their mortal coils. This move was accomplished in December of AD 2020. This website may not have the full functionality of the original site. Welcome! -- Richard Bonomo, acting and out-going FTI web manager


University of Wisconsin
Fusion Technology Institute

Gerald L. Kulcinski, Director Emeritus

Founded in 1971, the Fusion Technology Institute investigates and assesses technological problems posed by controlled thermonuclear fusion reactors. The education of graduate students provides research personnel for the national fusion program, industry, and educational institutions. The FTI has performed more than $70 million in research for federal, state and industrial organizations, graduated 167 Ph.D. candidates, and published over 60000 pages of reports. » mission statement

  • bargraph of FTI grads by year

    FTI Ph.D. Graduates

    The Fusion Technology Institute is host to the largest program in the United States for advanced degrees in fusion engineering. 167 Ph.D. candidates have been graduated to date.

  • view of MFE and IFE device

    MFE/IFE Energy Studies

    FTI personnel have been designing conceptual MFE and IFE power plants and experimental facilities since 1971, using both magnetic (40) and inertial (24) confinement.

  • FTI Professor and Apollo 17 Astronaut Harrison Schmitt FTI-designed lunar He3 miner

    Space and Lunar He3

    The UW FTI first identified lunar helium-3 fusion fuel in 1986. Adjunct Prof. Harrison H. Schmitt was the Moon's most recent visitor; he last co-taught Resources in Space in Spring 2004.

    • FTI IEC device in operation

      Inertial Electrostatic Confinement

      Goals of the FTI IEC program are to investigate advanced fuels and develop short-term non-electric applications of nuclear fusion.

    • Nuclear heating in ITER

      UW Neutronics Center of Excellence

      The UW NCOE is the recognized nationwide leader in neutronics, radiation shielding, activation, and radwaste management areas of research.


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