University of Wisconsin Neutronics Center of Excellence

UW Ph.D. Nuclear Technology Graduates in Neutronics Areas

name yearlast known employer
Abdou, Mohamed A. 1973 Univ. of California-Los Angeles
Aplin, Carol 2010 Lincoln Laboratory (MIT)
Attaya, Hosny M. 1981 Lucent Technologies (Chicago IL) (retired)
Cheng, Teh Chang Edward 1976 TSI Research (retired)
Farawila, Youssef 1987 Siemens (Richland WA)
Henderson, Douglass 1987 Univ. of Wisconsin
Ibrahim, Ahmad Muhammad Kamal 2012 ORNL
Khater, Hesham Y. 1990 LLNL
Klein, Andrew C. 1983 Oregon State Univ. (Corvallis OR)
Musicki, Zoran 1984 Brookhaven National Lab
Olson, Ken R. 1999 Lincoln Laboratory (MIT)
Phruksarojanakun, Phiphat 2007 Office of Atoms for Peace (Bangkok, Thailand)
Ragheb, Magdi M.H. 1978 Univ. of Illinois
Sawan, Mohamed E. 1973 Univ. of Wisconsin
Slaybaugh, Rachel 2011 Knolls Atomic Power Lab
Smith, Brandon M. 2011 LANL
Tautges, Timothy J. 1990 ANL
Wang, Mengkuo 2006 Citigroup (New York NY)
Wang, Ping 1991 Allstate Insurance (Northbrook IL)
Watanabe, Yoichi 1984 Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (New York NY)
White, Andrew 1985 medical school
Wilson, Paul P.H. 1999 Univ. of Wisconsin
Yasar, Osman 1989 SUNY (Rochester NY)
Youssef, Mahmoud Z. 1980 Univ. of California-Los Angeles
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