University of Wisconsin Neutronics Center of Excellence

FTI Organization Chart



G. Kulcinski


Associate Director for Inertial Confinement Fusion Technology

G. Moses

Associate Director for Magnetic Confinement Fusion Technology

M. Sawan

Associate Director for Alternate Applications and Concepts

J. Santarius


Information Technology and Publications

Grant Management

J. Welc-LePain
N. Griego


Experimental Fluid Mechanics Group

R. Bonazza

Lunar Resources Group

H. Schmitt

Blanket and Design Group

M. Sawan

Nuclear Analysis and Radwaste Mgmt.

L. El-Guebaly

Safety Group

M. Corradini

Dense Plasma Physics Group

G. Moses

Plasma Engineering Group

J. Santarius

Nuclear Analysis Code Development

P. Wilson

CAD System Group

E. Marriott