Fifth U.S.-Japan Workshop on IEC Fusion

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Wednesday, October 9, 2002
7:45 Registration & Continental Breakfast
8:30 Kulcinski UW Opening of Workshop (pdf)

Session 1: Santarius, Chair
8:45 Ohnishi Kansai U Overview of the Japanese IEC Program (Outline  Kyoto/Yoshikawa  Kyoto/Yamamoto  Tokyo Inst. Tech.  Kansai Univ.  Hitachi)
9:15 Kulcinski UW Overview of the US IEC Program (pdf)
9:45 Higashi, Tomizawa, Daino, Yamamoto Kyoto U Status of the Cylindrical IECF Experiments at Kyoto University (pdf)
10:15 Break

Session 2: Ohnishi, Chair
10:30 Nebel, Park, Rellergert, Sekora LANL Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Electrostatic Confinement (pdf)
11:00 Matsuura Kyushu U Correlation between Discharged Current and Neutron Production Rate for Various Ion/Electron Convergences in Spherical Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Plasmas (pdf)
11:30 Miley U Illinois Overview of IEC Research at the University of Illinois (pdf)
12:00 Lunch

Session 3: Miley, Chair
1:30 Yamauchi, Tomiyasu, Watanabe, Okino, Hotta Tokyo Inst of Tech Fundamental Study of Radially Convergent Beam Fusion (pdf)
2:00 Ashley, Kulcinski, Santarius, Murali, Piefer, Cipiti, Radel, Weidner UW Fusion Product Source Regions in the IEC Fusion Reactor (pdf)
2:30 Mizutani, Nagafuchi, Imoto, Masuda, Toku, Nagasaki, Yoshikawa Kyoto U Magnetron Discharge Characteristics for the Improvement of IEC Performance (pdf)
3:00 Break / Picture

Session 4: Yamamoto, Chair
3:15 Hrbud MSFC IEC Research at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (file not received)
3:30 Osawa, Miyagi, Tanaka, Kiritani, Sadahiro, Tabata, Ohnishi Kansai U Effects of Cathode Structure on Neutron Production in IEC Devices (pdf)
4:00 Wu, Kim, Miley U Illinois IEC-Based Neutron Generator for Security Inspection System (pdf)
4:30 Cipiti, Kulcinski, Santarius, Ashley, Piefer, Murali, Weidner, Radel UW Embedded Fusion and Isotope Production in the UW IEC Device (pdf)
4:50 Weidner, Kulcinski, Santarius, Ashley, Piefer, Cipiti, Radel, Murali UW Production of 13N Using D-3He Fusion Protons (pdf)
5:10 Reception
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Keynote Speech (Hirsch) RAND Corp

Thursday, October 10, 2002
8:00 Continental Breakfast

Session 5: Nebel, Chair
8:30 Santarius, Ashley, Kulcinski, Cipiti, Murali, Piefer, Radel, Weidner UW Modeling D-D Operation of the UW IEC Experiment (pdf)
9:00 Momota, Miley, Bauer U Illinois NBI Supported SIEC (pdf)
9:30 Imoto, Masuda, Toku, Nagasaki, Yoshikawa Kyoto U Two-Dimensional Simulation on the Improvement of a Spherical IEC Device Using Magnetron Discharge (pdf)
10:00 Break

Session 6: Hotta, Chair
10:15 Stubbers, Kim, Miley U Illinois Two-Dimensional Modeling of a Radially-Convergent Cylindrical Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC) Fusion Device (pdf)
10:45 Noborio, Sakai, Yamamoto Kyoto U Analysis of Spatial Fusion Reaction Distributions in a Spherical IECF Device Using a Particle Code (pdf)
11:15 Webber, Burton, Momota, Richardson, Shaban, Miley U Illinois Fusion Ship II--a Fast Manned Interplanetary Space Vehicle Using Inertial Electrostatic Fusion (pdf)

Session 7: Kulcinski, Chair
11:45 Hirsch, Nebel Workshop Summary (Hirsch  Nebel)
12:15 Lunch
1:30 Transportation to ERB
2:00 Tour
3:00 Workshop end

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