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Helium-3: Media Coverage

A sampling of the extensive media coverage since the UW Fusion Technology Institute first identified the existence of the lunar helium-3 fusion fuel in 1986. See Google news for recent related helium-3 media coverage. ("mouse-over" the image for the citation, and click on the image for a PDF of the article.)

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A Helium Shortage? Apollo at 25:  Harrison H. Schmitt China Eyes 2017 Moon Landing China Outlines Its Lunar Ambitions China to Explore Nuclear Fusion Source on the Moon Fly Me to the Moon:  The Great Debate Fusion's Future Future in Fusion? Heat and Light from the Far Side of the Moon Helium 3:  The Movie How Lunar Soil Could Power the Future In Space To Stay By 20?? India Advances Lunar Mission Launch to 2007 India to Complete Lunar Study in Six Months Is MOON's Sci-Fi Vision of Lunar Helium 3 Mining Based in Reality? Is There Money on the Moon? Isaac Asimov:  The Unlikely Source Japan Helium 3 Research Letters to the Editor Looking for Money on the Lunar Surface Love of Big Ideas Led Inventor to Wisconsin Project LunaCorp Looks for Route to Moon via Japan Lunar Commerce:  He3 Production Lunar Development:  The Way It May Have to Be Lunar Mining Camp Lunar Paydirt Magic of Astrofuel Making a Case for Humans in Space Mankind Returns To The Lunar Surface Mine on the Moon Mining the Moon's Gold Moon Dust:  The Gray Powder May Hold a Source of Clean Fuel Moon Has Many Useful Materials Moon Plan to Give U.S. Control Over Energy Source Moon Power Moon's Helium-3 Could Power Earth Mountaintops to Moon Rocks, All in a Day's Work No Place Like Home One Plan for a Lunar Base Rastof fra Manen giver Energi pa Jorden Russian Space Agency to Build Power Plant on Moon Task Force Recommends Indian Moon Mission The Far-Off Fusion Race The Moon Will Save Us The Moon is Made Of ... An Unlimited Energy Source? The Promise of Lunar Helium-3 The Race Into Space To Reach for the Moon To the Moon and Beyond:  Students Study Space Resources Who Will Mine the Moon? Why We Must Go Back to the Moon World's Energy Source May Be Just a Moon Away [ cover only ] [ cover only ] [ cover only ] [ cover only ] [ cover only ] [ cover only ]