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The UWFDM series of technical reports details the research of the Fusion Technology Institute from 1971 to the present. Over 800 authors have contributed more than 60000 pages to the 1400 reports. Nearly all are online.


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UWFDM-1175   Nuclear Features of the Fusion Ignition Research Experiment (FIRE); M.E. Sawan, H.Y. Khater, S.J. Zinkle, April 2002 [presented at the 6th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology, 7-12 April 2002, San Diego CA; published in Fusion Engineering and Design, vol. 63-64, pp. 547-557 (2002)]. (15 pages, 364 kB) [more]

UWFDM-1406   Nuclear Fusion of Advanced Fuels Using Converging Focused Ion Beams; Brian James Egle, December 2010 [Ph.D. thesis]. (226 pages, 13 MB)

UWFDM-1051   Nuclear Heating and Damage Profiles in the ITER Divertor Cassette; M.E. Sawan and R.T. Santoro, September 1997 [Presented at the 17th IEEE/NPSS Symposium on Fusion Engineering, 6-10 October 1997, San Diego CA]. (6 pages, 163 kB) [more]

UWFDM-1367   Nuclear Heating in Critical Components of Alternative ITER First Wall Attachment Mechanism; P.P.H. Wilson, M.E. Sawan, E.P. Marriott, M.A. Ulrickson, May 2009 [prepared for the 23rd Symposium on Fusion Engineering (SOFE), May 31-June 5, 2009, San Diego CA]. (5 pages, 422 kB) [more]

UWFDM-1108   Nuclear Issues and Analysis for ARIES Spherical and Advanced Tokamaks; L.A. El-Guebaly and the ARIES Team, September 1999 [Presented at the 5th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology, Rome, Italy, 19-24 September 1999]. (11 pages, 625 kB)

UWFDM-1180   Nuclear Performance Assessment of ARIES-AT; L.A. El-Guebaly and the ARIES Team, August 2002 [published in Fusion Engineering and Design, 80 (2006) 99-110]. (20 pages, 1.6 MB)

UWFDM-1131   Nuclear Power Without Radioactive Waste - The Promise of Lunar Helium-3; G.L. Kulcinski and H.H. Schmitt, July 2000 [presented at the Second Annual Lunar Development Conference, ``Return to the Moon II'', 20-21 July 2000, Las Vegas NV]. (9 pages, 228 kB)

UWFDM-471   Nucleation of Voids in Materials Supersaturated with Mobile Interstitials, Vacancies, and Divacancies; W.G. Wolfer and A. Si-Ahmed, May 1982 [Phil. Mag. A46, 723-736 (1982)]. (32 pages, 1.2 MB)

UWFDM-256   Nucleonic Design for a Compact Tokamak Fusion Reactor Blanket and Shield; E.T. Cheng, C.W. Maynard, W.F. Vogelsang, and A.C. Klein, August 1978 [Nucl. Tech. 45, 77 (1979)]. (63 pages, 2.8 MB)

UWFDM-397   Numerical Methods for Calculating the Temperature Increase in Inertial Confinement Fusion Reactor First Walls; A. Hassanein and G.L. Kulcinski, December 1980. (43 pages, 1.3 MB)

UWFDM-848   Numerical Simulation of Emission Spectra from Ion Beam-Heated Aluminum Plasmas; J.J. MacFarlane, P. Wang, January 1991 [Lasers &\ Part. Beams 10 (1992) 349]. (27 pages, 1.4 MB)

UWFDM-1002   Numerical Simulation of High Energy Density Plasmas in KALIF Beam-Target Interaction Experiments; J.J. MacFarlane and P. Wang, December 1995. (63 pages, 1.5 MB)

UWFDM-910   Numerical Simulation of High Energy Density Plasmas in Support of KALIF Experiments; J.J. MacFarlane, P. Wang, D.L. Henderson, O. Yasar, January 1993. (58 pages, 850 kB)

UWFDM-847   Numerical Simulation of Non-LTE Radiative Transfer and Atomic Physics Effects in Plasmas Created by Intense Proton Beams; J.J. MacFarlane, P. Wang, D.L. Henderson, January 1991. (95 pages, 1.8 MB)

UWFDM-1045   Numerical Simulation of Radiation-Driven Targets for Light Ion Inertial Confinement Fusion; R.E. Olson, J.J. MacFarlane, April 1997 [submitted to Laser and Particle Beams]. (21 pages, 430 kB) [more]

UWFDM-973   Numerical Simulation of Target Microexplosion Dynamics for the LIBRA-SP Inertial Confinement Fusion Reactor; J.J. MacFarlane, G.A. Moses, P. Wang, M.E. Sawan, R.R. Peterson, December 1994. (29 pages, 1.1 MB)

UWFDM-679   Numerical Simulation of a Stratified Gas ICF Cavity; Tim Bartel, R.R. Peterson, G.A. Moses, April 1986. (94 pages, 3.4 MB)

UWFDM-706   Numerical Simulation of an ICF Target Explosion in a Stratified Gas Atmosphere; T.J. Bartel, R.R. Peterson and G.A. Moses, June 1986 [presented at the 7th Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion of Fusion Energy, Reno, Nevada, 15-19 June 1986]. Energy, Reno, NV, 15-19 June 1986]. (10 pages, 833 kB)

UWFDM-1029   Numerical Simulation of the Explosion Dynamics and Energy Release from High-Gain ICF Targets; J.J. MacFarlane, M.E. Sawan, G.A. Moses, P. Wang, R.E. Olson, June 1996 [Presented at the 12th Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Power, 16-20 June 1996, Reno NV]. (7 pages, 603 kB) [more]

UWFDM-911   Numerical Simulation of the Stability in Long Cable-In-Conduit Conductors for Fusion Magnets; C.T. Yeaw and R.L. Wong, January 1993 [presented at the 10th Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy, Boston MA, 7-12 June 1992. Also published as UCRL-JC-109337]. (7 pages, 702 kB) [more]

UWFDM-902   Numerical Simulation of the Stability in a Cable-In-Conduit Conductor Developed for Fusion-Magnet Applications; R.L. Wong, C.T. Yeaw, S.S. Shen, J.R. Miller, August 1992 [Presented at the 14th Symposium on Fusion Engineering, San Diego CA, 30 September - 3 October 1991. Also published as UCRL-JC-107258]. (8 pages, 892 kB) [more]

UWFDM-1060   Numerical Simulations of Gold-Coated Aluminum Foils Heated by the KALIF Applied-B Diode Proton Beam; J.J. MacFarlane, P. Wang, D.H. Cohen, December 1997. (26 pages, 491 kB)

UWFDM-353   Numerical Simulations of ICRF Heated Tokamak Plasmas; D.T. Blackfield, May 1980 [Ph.D. thesis]. (258 pages, 7.1 MB)

UWFDM-298   Observations on Ordered Voids in Molybdenum; K-Y. Liou, H.V. Smith, Jr., and G.L. Kulcinski, March 1979 [J. Nucl. Matls. 83, 335 (1979)]. (15 pages, 1.5 MB)

UWFDM-470   On Melt Layer Stability Following A Plasma Disruption; W.G. Wolfer and A.M. Hassanein, May 1982 [J. Nucl. Matls. 111 & 112, 560-565 (1982)]. (23 pages, 1.1 MB)

UWFDM-482   On Radiation-Induced Segregation and the Compositional Dependence of Swelling in Fe-Ni-Cr Alloys; W.G. Wolfer, F.A. Garner, and L.E. Thomas, September 1982 [11th ASTM Symposium on Effects of Radiation on Materials, Scottsdale, AZ, 28-30 June 1982; ASTM-STP-782, 1023-1041 (1981)]. (23 pages, 1.3 MB) [more]

UWFDM-273   On the Boundary Conditions for Temperatures and Densities in a Divertorless Tokamak; K. Audenaerde, G.A. Emmert, and M. Gordinier, November 1978. (12 pages, 639 kB)

UWFDM-387   On the Coefficient for Bulk Recombination of Vacancies and Interstitials; W.G. Wolfer and A. Si-Ahmed, October 1980 [J. Nucl. Matls. 99, 117-123 (1981)]. (25 pages, 1.1 MB)

UWFDM-1153   On the Exploration of Innovative Concepts for Fusion Chamber Technology; M.A. Abdou, the APEX Team, A. Ying, N. Morley, K. Gulec, S. Smolentsev, M. Kotschenreuther, S. Malang, S. Zinkle, T. Rognlien, P. Fogarty, B. Nelson, R. Nygren, K. McCarthy, M.Z. Youssef, N. Ghoniem, D. Sze, C. Wong, M. Sawan, H. Khater, R. Woolley, R. Mattas, R. Moir, S. Sharafat, J. Brooks, A. Hassanein, D. Petti, M. Tillack, M. Ulrickson, T. Uchimoto, June 2000 [published in Fusion Engineering and Design 54 (2001) 181-247]. [more]

UWFDM-324   On the Performance of Fuel Elements Enriched in the SOLASE-H Hybrid Reactor; R.M. Lewis, P.R. Schwab, and W.G. Wolfer, February 1980. (71 pages, 2.3 MB)

UWFDM-452   On the Philosophy of the Self-Perturbation of a Generalized Neutron Detector in Neutron Spectrometry Applications; L.J. Perkins, March 1983. (22 pages, 1.2 MB)

UWFDM-535   On the Physical Basis for the Swelling Resistance of Ferritic Steels; J. Sniegowski and W.G. Wolfer, August 1983 [presented at the AIME Conference on Ferritic Alloys for Use in Nuclear Energy Technologies, June 19-23, 1983, Snowbird, Utah]. (12 pages, 1.1 MB)

UWFDM-360   On the Simultaneous Formation of Interstitial- and Vacancy-Type Loops During Irradiation; A. Si-Ahmed and W.G. Wolfer, June 1980. (7 pages, 735 kB)

UWFDM-176   On the Stability of the Flow of Thin Liquid Lithium Films; J.E. Howard, October 1976. (25 pages, 960 kB)

UWFDM-1248   On the Strategy and Requirements for Neutronics Testing in ITER; M.Z. Youssef and M.E. Sawan, September 2004 [Proceedings 16th ANS Topical Meeting on Fusion Energy, Fusion Science and Technology 47 (4), May 2005, pp. 1038-1045]. (11 pages, 947 kB) [more]

UWFDM-636   One-Dimensional Activation and Radiological Dose Calculations for the Light Ion Fusion Target Development Facility; D.L. Henderson, G.A. Moses and R.R. Peterson, October 1985. (83 pages, 3.0 MB)

UWFDM-788   One-Dimensional Simulation of Neutral Helium Transport in Edge Plasmas; H.H. Abou-gabal, G.A. Emmert, January 1989. (31 pages, 1.2 MB)

UWFDM-1381   One-Dimensional, Time-Dependent, Integral Neutron Transport for Inertial Confinement Fusion; Carol S. Aplin, June 2010 [Ph.D. thesis]. (218 pages, 2.9 MB)

UWFDM-44   Optimization Considerations in the Design of a Tokamak Reactor; D. Klein, G. Emmert, T. Yang, April 1973. (27 pages, 1.5 MB) [more]

UWFDM-1242   Optimization of Stellarator Reactor Parameters; J.F. Lyon, L.P. Ku, P. Garabedian, L. El-Guebaly, L. Bromberg and the ARIES Team, September 2004 [Proceedings 16th ANS Topical Meeting on Fusion Energy, Fusion Science and Technology 47 (3), April 2005, pp. 414-421]. (11 pages, 1.6 MB) [more]

Results: 841 to 880 of 1422 order by: UWFDM Author TitleDate
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