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The following theses have been published as UWFDMs. Over 163 Ph.D. candidates have been involved with the Fusion Technology Institute since its inception in 1971.


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UWFDM-637   A Comparison of the Response of 316 SS and the P7 Alloy to Heavy-Ion Irradiation; Robert Lee Sindelar, June 1985 [Ph.D. thesis]. (199 pages, 7.5 MB)

UWFDM-823   A Computational Model for Z-Pinch Plasma Channels; Osman Yasar, February 1990 [Ph.D. thesis]. (259 pages, 6.8 MB)

UWFDM-1334   A Computational Parameter Study for Three-Dimensional Shock-Bubble Interactions; John Niederhaus, September 2007 [Ph.D. thesis]. (283 pages, 7.7 MB)

UWFDM-154   A Dynamic Rate Theory for the Response of Metals During Steady State and Pulsed Irradiation; Nasr M. Ghoniem, September 1977 [Ph.D. thesis]. (353 pages, 12 MB)

UWFDM-238   A General Model for the Analysis of the Transient Radiation Damage Environment from Pulsed Thermonuclear Radiation; Thomas O. Hunter, July 1978 [Ph.D. thesis]. (346 pages, 9.5 MB)

UWFDM-1304   A Lunar Volatiles Miner; Matthew E. Gajda, May 2006 [M.S. thesis]. (112 pages, 2.6 MB)

UWFDM-634   A Numerical Model for Simulating the Dynamic Response of an Inertial Confinement Fusion Cavity Gas to a Target Explosion; Thomas J. McCarville, December 1982 [Ph.D. thesis]. (183 pages, 5.2 MB)

UWFDM-219   A Poloidal Divertor Model for Tokamak Fusion Reactors; A. Mense, January 1977 [Ph.D. thesis]. (265 pages, 9.1 MB)

UWFDM-762   A Study of the Effects of Oxygen on Void Stability in an Ion-Irradiated Austenitic Stainless Steel; L.E. Seitzman, April 1988 [Ph.D. thesis]. (166 pages, 7.1 MB)

UWFDM-564   A Variational Calculation of the Trapping Current in a Thermal Barrier; X.Z. Li, January 1984 [Ph.D. thesis]. (89 pages, 2.5 MB)

UWFDM-1098   ALARA: Analytic and Laplacian Adaptive Radioactivity Analysis; Paul P.H. Wilson, April 1999 [Ph.D. thesis]. (131 pages, 1.1 MB)

UWFDM-849   Activation and Safety Analysis for Advanced Fuel Fusion Reactors; H.Y. Khater, March 1991 [Ph.D. thesis]. (129 pages, 3.7 MB)

UWFDM-720   Adaptive Mesh Techniques for Unsteady Multi-Gradient Problems in Computational Fluid Dynamics; Timothy James Bartel, January 1987 [Ph.D. thesis]. (141 pages, 4.3 MB)

UWFDM-357   Advanced Fusion Fuel Cycles and Fusion Reaction Kinetics; G. Shuy, May 1980 [Ph.D. thesis]. (156 pages, 4.2 MB)

UWFDM-1353   CAD Based Monte Carlo Method: Algorithms for Geometric Evaluation in Support of Monte Carlo Radiation Transport Calculation; Mengkuo Wang, August 2006 [Ph.D. thesis]. (151 pages, 2.1 MB)

UWFDM-101   Cavity Formation in Aluminum Irradiated with Aluminum Ions; Mark Lauren Sundquist, December 1974 [Ph.D. thesis]. (72 pages, 2.9 MB)

UWFDM-855   Computation and Application of Atomic Data for Inertial Confinement Fusion Plasmas; Ping Wang, June 1991 [Ph.D. thesis]. (257 pages, 6.6 MB)

UWFDM-789   Computer Simulation of Ion Beam Mixing; Seunghee Han, December 1988 [Ph.D. thesis]. (203 pages, 6.2 MB)

UWFDM-275   Depth Dependent Damage in Heavy-Ion Irradiated Nickel; John Barry Whitley, August 1978 [Ph.D. thesis]. (226 pages, 26 MB)

UWFDM-1325   Detection of Highly Enriched Uranium and Tungsten Surface Damage Studies Using a Pulsed Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Device; Ross F. Radel, May 2007 [Ph.D. thesis]. (203 pages, 19 MB)

UWFDM-1289   Development and Use of Tools for Modularization of Activation Programs; Milad Fatenejad, December 2005 [Honors in Research thesis]. (48 pages, 880 kB)

UWFDM-1420   Developments in 3-D Nuclear Analysis: Model Visualization and Robust Activation Analysis; Lucas Mynsberge, January 2014 [M.S. thesis]. (114 pages, 2.4 MB)

UWFDM-1267   Diagnostic Study of Steady State Advanced Fuel (D-D and D-3He) Fusion in an IEC Device; Krupakar Murali Subramanian, December 2004 [Ph.D. thesis]. (258 pages, 8.5 MB)

UWFDM-1035   Dynamic Effective Elastic Constants for Perforated Plates with Square or Triangular Penetration Patterns; D.L. Kaap, August 1997 [M.S. thesis]. (104 pages, 6.7 MB)

UWFDM-287   Dynamics of Newtonian Annular Jets; D.D. Paul, January 1979 [M.S. thesis]. (72 pages, 15 MB)

UWFDM-825   Effects of Heat Treatment and Irradiation on a Manganese-Stabilized Martensitic Stainless Steel; Robin Dawn Griffin, March 1990 [Ph.D. thesis]. (114 pages, 18 MB)

UWFDM-436   Effects of Heavy-Ion Irradiation on the Phase Stability of Several Copper-Base Alloys; Robert W. Knoll, August 1981 [Ph.D. thesis]. (305 pages, 12 MB)

UWFDM-1377   Effects of Helium Ion Implantation on the Surface Morphology of Tungsten at High Temperature for the First Wall Armor and Divertor Plates of Fusion Reactors; Samuel J. Zenobia, June 2010 [Ph.D. thesis]. (238 pages, 38 MB)

UWFDM-640   Effects of Irradiation and High Heat Flux on the Lifetime Performance of Ferritic and 316 Stainless Steels; Bruce Bernard Glasgow, May 1985 [Ph.D. thesis]. (163 pages, 4.7 MB)

UWFDM-688   Effects of Thermal Annealing and Ion Irradiation on the Microstructures of HT-9 Ferritic Steel; Ji-Jung Kai, May 1986 [Ph.D. thesis]. (294 pages, 35 MB)

UWFDM-642   Effects of Thermal Annealing and Ion Irradiation on the Properties and Microstructures of Copper Alloys; Steven John Zinkle, May 1985 [Ph.D. thesis]. (271 pages, 11 MB)

UWFDM-993   Energy Balance and Lifetime Emissions from Fusion, Fission and Coal Generated Electricity; Scott W. White, October 1995 [M.S. thesis]. (96 pages, 4.4 MB)

UWFDM-1410   Environmental and Policy Analysis of Renewable Energy Enabling Technologies; Paul L. Denholm, December 2004 [Ph.D. thesis]. (277 pages, 1.8 MB)

UWFDM-1337   Experimental Investigation of the Shock-Induced Distortion of a Spherical Gas Inhomogeneity; Devesh Ranjan, December 2007 [Ph.D. thesis]. (193 pages, 13 MB)

UWFDM-1379   Experimental Parameter Study of the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability; Bradley J. Motl, December 2008 [Ph.D. thesis]. (152 pages, 27 MB)

UWFDM-1415   Experimental and Theoretical Characterization of Negative Deuterium Ion Distributions in a Gridded Inertial-Electrostatic Confinement Device; Eric C. Alderson, August 2012 [Ph.D. thesis]. (223 pages, 7.1 MB)

UWFDM-358   Fusion-Fission Systems Analysis and the Impact of Nuclear Data Uncertainties on Design; M.Z. Youssef, May 1980 [Ph.D. thesis]. (339 pages, 12 MB)

UWFDM-182   Heavy-Ion Induced Void and Loop Formation in High Purity Vanadium; William John Weber, December 1977 [Ph.D. thesis]. (222 pages, 33 MB)

UWFDM-1164   High Performance Computation and Database of Radiative Properties with an Interface for ICF Applications; Jiankui Yuan, December 2001 [Ph.D. thesis]. (189 pages, 7.9 MB)

UWFDM-1365   Hyperelastic Models for Granular Materials; Paul W. Humrickhouse, January 2009 [Ph.D. thesis]. (161 pages, 3.8 MB)

Results: 1 to 40 of 80 order by: UWFDM Author TitleDate
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