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UWFDM-432   A Numerical Path Sum Solution to Nonlinear Fokker-Planck Equations; M.F. Wehner and W.G. Wolfer, October 1981. (41 pages, 1.4 MB)

UWFDM-556   Helium Equation of State for Small Cavities: Recent Developments; W.G. Wolfer, B.B. Glasgow, M.F. Wehner, and H. Trinkaus, September 1983 [presented at the Third Topical Meeting on Fusion Reactor Materials, Albuquerque, NM, 19-23 September 1983]. (9 pages, 710 kB) [more]

UWFDM-590   Vacancy Cluster Evolution in Metals Under Irradiation; M.F. Wehner and W.G. Wolfer, August 1984 (revised January 1985). (40 pages, 1.6 MB)