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UWFDM-1125   Plasma Induced Line Shifts and Their Effects on Line Merging and Population Kinetics; D.A. Haynes, Jr., G.C. Junkel, M.A. Gunderson, C.F. Hooper, Jr., March 2000 [Presented at the Twelfth APS Topical Conference on Atomic Processes in Plasmas, Reno NV, 19-23 March 2000]. (14 pages, 200 kB) [more]

retrieve PDF Time-Resolved Kr K-Shell Spectroscopy of Directly-Driven Microballoon Implosions: Theory and Experiment; D.A. Haynes Jr., C.F. Hooper, Jr., G. Junkel, M. Gunderson, D.K. Bradley, J.A. Delettrez, P.A. Jaanimagi, November 1999 [Presented at the 1999 Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society, Seattle WA, 15-19 November 1999]. (17 pages, 2.2 MB) [more]