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UWFDM-282   The Response of Stainless Steel to the Pellet Debris in a Laser Fusion Reactor; T. McCarville, A.M. Hassanein, and G.L. Kulcinski, December 1978 [5th International SMiRT Conference, Berlin, Vol. N., P.N. 2.5/4, 1979]. (59 pages, 2.3 MB)

UWFDM-306   Effects of Gas Pressure on the Amount of X-ray Energy Absorbed in the First Wall of an Inertial Confinement Fusion Reactor; A. Hassanein and G.L. Kulcinski, August 1979. (14 pages, 726 kB)

UWFDM-389   Heat Flux, Erosion Rate, Implantation, and Damage Rate to the Walls of the EG&G Fusion Blanket Test Module; A.M. Hassanein, G.L. Kulcinski, and G.R. Longhurst, October 1980 [Nuclear Technology/Fusion 2, 120 (Jan. 1982)]. (40 pages, 1.5 MB) [more]

UWFDM-397   Numerical Methods for Calculating the Temperature Increase in Inertial Confinement Fusion Reactor First Walls; A. Hassanein and G.L. Kulcinski, December 1980. (43 pages, 1.3 MB)

UWFDM-422   Vaporization and Melting of Materials in Fusion Devices; A.M. Hassanein, G.L. Kulcinski, and W.G. Wolfer, August 1981 [paper presented at Second Topical Mtg. on Fusion Reactor Materials, August 9-12, 1981, Seattle WA; J. Nucl. Matls. 103 & 104, 321-326 (1981)]. (9 pages, 819 kB)

UWFDM-423   First Wall Evaporation in Inertial Confinement Fusion Reactors Utilizing Gas Protection; A.M. Hassanein, T.J. McCarville, and G.L. Kulcinski, August 1981 [paper presented at Second Topical Mtg. on Fusion Reactor Materials, August 9-12, 1981, Seattle, WA; J. Nucl. Mats. 103 & 104, 327 (1982)]. (9 pages, 763 kB)

UWFDM-443   Gas Dynamics and Heat Transfer Phenomena in Liquid Metal ICF Reactor First Surfaces; R.R. Peterson, D.K. Sze, A.M. Hassanein, and L. Pong, October 1981 [Proc. of the 9th Symposium on Engr. Prob. of Fusion Research, Chicago, IL, October 26-29, 1981]. (6 pages, 800 kB)

UWFDM-450   HIBALL - A Conceptual Heavy Ion Beam Driven Fusion Reactor Study; B. Badger, F. Arendt, K. Becker, K. Beckert, R. Bock, D. Boehne, I. Bozsik, J. Brezina, M. Dalle Donne, L. El-Guebaly, R. Engelstad, W. Eyrich, R. Froehlich, N. Ghoniem, B. Goel, A. Hassanein, D. Henderson, W. Hoebel, I. Hofmann, E. Hoyer, R. Keller, G. Kessler, A. Klein, R. Kreutz, G. Kulcinski, E. Larsen, K. Lee, K. Long, E. Lovell, N. Metzler, J. Meyer-ter-Vehn, U. von Moellendorff, N. Moritz, G. Moses, R. Mueller, K. O'Brien, R. Peterson, K. Plute, L. Pong, R. Sanders, J. Sapp, M. Sawan, K. Schretzmann, T. Spindler, I. Sviatoslavsky, K. Symon, D. Sze, N. Tahir, W. Vogelsang, A. White, S. Witkowski, H. Wollnik, September 1981. (668 pages, 20 MB) [more]

UWFDM-457   Report to Sandia Laboratory on University of Wisconsin Fusion Engineering Program Design Activities for the Light Ion Beam Fusion Target Development Facility from August 1981 to February 1982; B. Badger, R.L. Engelstad, A.M. Hassanein, G.L. Kulcinski, K.J. Lee, E.G. Lovell, T.J. McCarville, G.A. Moses, R.R. Peterson, I.N. Sviatoslavsky, and A. White, February 1982. (174 pages, 5.5 MB)

UWFDM-465   Thermal Effects and Erosion Rates Resulting from Intense Deposition of Energy in Fusion Reactor First Walls; Ahmed M. Hassanein, March 1982 [Ph.D. thesis]. (335 pages, 8.9 MB)

UWFDM-468   Dynamics of Melting, Evaporation, and Resolidification of Materials Exposed to Plasma Disruptions; A.M. Hassanein, G.L. Kulcinski, and W.G. Wolfer, May 1982 [presented at the 5th International Conference on Plasma Surface Interactions in Controlled Fusion Devices; J. Nucl. Matls. 111 & 112, 554-559 (1982)]. (20 pages, 1.1 MB)

UWFDM-470   On Melt Layer Stability Following A Plasma Disruption; W.G. Wolfer and A.M. Hassanein, May 1982 [J. Nucl. Matls. 111 & 112, 560-565 (1982)]. (23 pages, 1.1 MB)

UWFDM-493   Simulation of Rapid Heating in Fusion Reactor First Walls Using the Green's Function; A.M. Hassanein and G.L. Kulcinski, September 1982 [J. of Heat Transfer 106, 483 (1984)]. (26 pages, 1.1 MB)

UWFDM-494   Surface Melting and Evaporation During Plasma Disruptions in Magnetic Fusion Reactors; A.M. Hassanein, G.L. Kulcinski, and W.G. Wolfer, September 1982 [Nuclear Engr. and Design 1, 307 (1984)]. (53 pages, 2.0 MB)

UWFDM-505   Vaporization of Pb and Li Films in ICF Reaction Chambers; A.M. Hassanein, C.D. Croessmann, and G.L. Kulcinski, May 1983 [Nucl. Tech./Fusion 4 (1983) 849]. (8 pages, 687 kB)

UWFDM-1153   On the Exploration of Innovative Concepts for Fusion Chamber Technology; M.A. Abdou, the APEX Team, A. Ying, N. Morley, K. Gulec, S. Smolentsev, M. Kotschenreuther, S. Malang, S. Zinkle, T. Rognlien, P. Fogarty, B. Nelson, R. Nygren, K. McCarthy, M.Z. Youssef, N. Ghoniem, D. Sze, C. Wong, M. Sawan, H. Khater, R. Woolley, R. Mattas, R. Moir, S. Sharafat, J. Brooks, A. Hassanein, D. Petti, M. Tillack, M. Ulrickson, T. Uchimoto, June 2000 [published in Fusion Engineering and Design 54 (2001) 181-247]. [more]

FPA-82-2   FPA Contribution to FRG Heavy Ion Fusion Project Annual Report; R.R. Peterson, L. Pong, A. Hassanein, D.K. Sze, I.N. Sviatoslavsky, K.E. Plute, M.E. Sawan, March 1982. (18 pages, 565 kB)

Results: 1 to 17 of 17 order by: UWFDM Author Title Date