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UWFDM-673   FUSEDATA - A Fusion Systems Data Base; A. Bennethum, Y. Watanabe, C. Maynard, K. Gruetzmacher, Z. Musicki, July 1986. (87 pages, 2.7 MB)

UWFDM-653   Failure/Maintenance Data Base for the Tritium Systems Test Assembly; Kathleen M. Gruetzmacher, December 1985. (180 pages, 6.8 MB)

UWFDM-659   The Fusion Engineering Data Base; Z. Musicki, C.W. Maynard, Y. Watanabe, A. Bennethum, and K. Gruetzmacher, November 1985 [Presented at 11th Symposium on Fusion Engineering, November 18-22, 1985, Austin, TX]. (7 pages, 835 kB)