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UWFDM-1403   Prospects for Pilot Plants Based on the Tokamak, Spherical Tokamak and Stellarator; J.E. Menard, L. Bromberg, T. Brown, T. Burgess, D. Dix, L. El-Guebaly, T. Gerrity, R.J. Goldston, R.J. Hawryluk, R. Kastner, C. Kessel, S. Malang, J. Minervini, G.H. Neilson, C.L. Neumeyer, S. Prager, M. Sawan, J. Sheffield, A. Sternlieb, L. Waganer, D. Whyte and M. Zarnstorff, October 2011 [published in Nucl. Fusion 51 (2011) 103014 (13pp)]. [more]

retrieve PDF TBR and Shielding Analyses in Support of ST-FNSF Study; L. El-Guebaly, L. Mynsberge, A. Jaber, J. Menard, T. Brown, June 2013 [presented at the 25th Symposium on Fusion Engineering (SOFE), 10-14 June 2013, San Francisco, CA]. (1 page, 2.6 MB) [more]