NEEP602 - Lecture 35


Solar Energy Resources-Orbiting Solar Power Satellites

Lecture 35

Professor G. L. Kulcinski

November 21, 1997

Outline of Lecture

1) How They Work

2) Reference Design

3) Key Technology, Environmental, and Economic Issues

4) Comparisons to Other Power Sources

In addition to the mineral and gaseous resources in Space, the energy from the Sun is also an important "energy resource" that could have a far greater impact than it has in the past. The objective of this lecture, the next one (lecture 36), is to illustrate 2 methods by which the enormous energy of the Sun can be harnessed for large scale applications on the Earth. For more information, a recent book edited by Glaser, Davidson, and Csigi (1993) and a recent issue of Solar Energy (1996) are good places to start.

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