ARIES Inertial Fusion Chamber Assessment; M.S. Tillack, F. Najmabadi, L. El-Guebaly, R.R. Peterson, D.T. Goodin, K.R. Schultz, W.R. Meier, J. Perkins, D.A. Petti, J.D. Sethian, L.M. Waganer, ARIES Team, March 2001 [presented at the 14th Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy, October 15--19, 2000, Park City UT; published in Fusion Technology, 39, No. 2, 343 (2001)]
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El-Guebaly, L.A.
Goodin, D.T. General Atomics
Meier, W.R. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Najmabadi, F. University of California-San Diego
Perkins, L.J. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Peterson, R.R.
Petti, D.A. Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
Schultz, K.R. General Atomics
Sethian, J.D. Naval Research Laboratory
Tillack, M.S. University of California-San Diego
Waganer, L.M. Boeing