[ pdf ]  TETR - A Tokamak Engineering Test Reactor to Qualify Materials and Blanket Components for Early DT Fusion Power Reactors; G.L. Kulcinski, R.W. Conn, C.W. Maynard, K. Audenaerde, H. Avci, D. Blackfield, R.W. Boom, E. Cheng, J.R. Conrad, S. Dalhed, G.A. Emmert, B. Feinberg, Y. Gohar, S. Hong, J. Kesner, E. Larsen, R. Nygren, K. Okula, E. Ramer, J. Scharer, D. Schluderberg, T. Sung, I.N. Sviatoslavsky, D.K. Sze, W.F. Vogelsang, P. Wilkes, W.R. Wilkes, L. Wittenberg, J. Wrazel, T. Wu, T. Yang, and W.C. Young, September 1976
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Audenaerde, K.
Avci, H.I.
Blackfield, D.T.
Boom, R.W.
Cheng, E.T.
Conn, R.W.
Conrad, J.R.
Dalhed, S.
Emmert, G.A.
Feinberg, B.
Gohar, Y.M.
Hong, S.O.
Kesner, J.
Kulcinski, G.L.
Larsen, E.M.
Maynard, C.W.
Nygren, R. Hanford Engineering Development Laboratory
Okula, K.R.
Ramer, E.
Scharer, J.E.
Schluderberg, D.C. Babcock and Wilcox
Sung, T.Y.
Sviatoslavsky, I.N.
Sze, D.K.
Vogelsang, W.F.
Wilkes, P.
Wilkes, W.R. Monsanto Chemical Corp., Mound Laboratories
Wittenberg, L.J. Monsanto Chemical Corp., Mound Laboratories
Wrazel, J.
Wu, T.
Yang, T.
Young, W.C.