[ pdf ]  Fusion Engineering and Plasma Science Conditions of Spherical Torus Component Test Facility; Y-K.M. Peng, C.A. Neumeyer, P.J. Fogarty, C. Kessel, D.J. Strickler, P. Rutherford, D. Mikkelsen, T.W. Burgess, S. Sabbagh, J. Menard, D. Gates, R. Bell, O. Mitarai, J. Schmidt, E. Synakowski, J. Tsai, L. Grisham, B.E. Nelson, E.T. Cheng, L.A. El-Guebaly, September 2004 [Proceedings 16th ANS Topical Meeting on Fusion Energy, Fusion Science and Technology 47 (3), April 2005, pp. 370-383]
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Bell, R. Princeton University
Burgess, T.W. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cheng, E.T. TSI Research
El-Guebaly, L.A.
Fogarty, P.J. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Gates, D. Princeton University
Grisham, L. Princeton University
Kessel, C. Princeton University
Menard, J. Princeton University
Mikkelsen, D. Princeton University
Mitarai, O. Kyushu Tokai University
Nelson, B.E. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Neumeyer, C.A. Princeton University
Peng, Y-K.M. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Rutherford, P. Princeton University
Sabbagh, S. Columbia University
Schmidt, J. Princeton University
Strickler, D.J. Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Synakowski, E. Princeton University
Tsai, J. Oak Ridge National Laboratory