[ pdf ]  LIBRA-SP: A Self-Consistent Design of a Commercial Fusion Power Plant Based on Self-Pinched Propagation of Ions; Final Report for Calendar Year 1994; B. Badger, D. Bruggink, P. Cousseau, R.L. Engelstad, Y-M. Lee, H.Y. Khater, G.L. Kulcinski, J.J. MacFarlane, E.A. Mogahed, G.A. Moses, R.R. Peterson, S. Rutledge, M.E. Sawan, I.N. Sviatoslavsky, P. Wang, L.J. Wittenberg, C.L. Olson, R.E. Olson, December 1994
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Badger, B.
Bruggink, D.
Cousseau, P.L.
Engelstad, R.L.
Khater, H.Y.
Kulcinski, G.L.
Lee, Y-M.
MacFarlane, J.J.
Mogahed, E.A.
Moses, G.A.
Olson, C.L. Sandia National Laboratory
Olson, R.E. Sandia National Laboratory
Peterson, R.R.
Rutledge, S.C.
Sawan, M.E.
Sviatoslavsky, I.N.
Wang, P.
Wittenberg, L.J.