[ pdf ]  A High Performance, Noncircular Tokamak Power Reactor Design Study - UWMAK-III; R.W. Conn, G.L. Kulcinski, C.W. Maynard, R. Aronstein, R.W. Boom, A. Bowles, R.G. Clemmer, J. Davis, G.A. Emmert, S. Ghose, Y. Gohar, J. Kesner, S. Kuo, E. Larsen, J. Scharer, I.N. Sviatoslavsky, D.K. Sze, W.F. Vogelsang, T.F. Yang, and W. Young, August 1976 [Published in the Proceedings of the Sixth IAEA Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Research, Berchtesgaden, Federal Republic of Germany, 6-13 October 1976]
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Aronstein, R. Bechtel Corp.
Boom, R.W.
Bowles, A. Bechtel Corp.
Clemmer, R.G.
Conn, R.W.
Davis, J. McDonnell-Douglas Astronautics Company-East
Emmert, G.A.
Ghose, S. Bechtel Corp.
Gohar, Y.M.
Kesner, J.
Kulcinski, G.L.
Kuo, S.C. United Technologies Research Center
Larsen, E.M.
Maynard, C.W.
Scharer, J.E.
Sviatoslavsky, I.N.
Sze, D.K.
Vogelsang, W.F.
Yang, T.F.
Young, W.C.