[ pdf ]  Light Ion Fusion Target Development Facility Preconceptual Design; G.A. Moses, R.R. Peterson, R.L. Engelstad, E.G. Lovell, G.L. Kulcinski, K.J. O'Brien, A.M. White, J.J. Watrous, and D.L. Cook, May 1983 [presented at the Fifth ANS Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy, 26-28 April 1983, Knoxville, TN; Nucl. Tech./Fusion 4, 961 (1983)]
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Cook, D.L. Sandia National Laboratory
Engelstad, R.L.
Kulcinski, G.L.
Lovell, E.G.
Moses, G.A.
O'Brien, K.J.
Peterson, R.R.
Watrous, J.J.
White, A.M.