NEEP602 Course Notes (Fall 1996)
Resources from Space

Term Paper Topics for NEEP 602/Geology 376, Resources From Space

Molecular Clouds-Chemistry and Composition
Molecular Clouds-Properties: Temp., Density, Dynamics, and Distribution in the Galaxy
Star Formation
Planet Formation
The Greenhouse Effect-How it Works
The Greenhouse Effect-Greenhouse Gases
The Greenhouse Effect-Impact on Planets
The Greenhouse Effect-Implications for Earth
Radar Mapping of Planetary and Satellite Surfaces
Supplying a Lunar Settlement: Transportation Issues
Transportation for Earth-Mars Commerce
Travel Among the Asteroids: Not as Easy as it Sounds
Diverting a Comet into a Useful Orbit
Transportation for the Outer Solar System
Acquiring 3He from a Gas Giant's Atmosphere
Single Mission Descriptions: Mission and Accomplishments-Mariner
Single Mission Descriptions: Mission and Accomplishments-Viking
Single Mission Descriptions: Mission and Accomplishments-LUNA (USSR)
Single Mission Descriptions: Mission and Accomplishments-Galileo
Hubble Space Telescope
Space Insurance and Private Sector Projects: Demand, Supply and Cost
Government-Industry Relationships in Commercial Development of Space
Launch Services for Private Sector Projects:  Supply, Demand, Cost, and Pricing
Lunar and/or Martian Concrete or Its Equivalent construction Material
Constraint on Lunar and/or Martian Agriculture
Radiation Risk and Protection on the Moon, Mars, and/or in Route to Mars
Volatiles Refining, i. e., Separation of Gaseous Mixtures on the Moon
Current Status of Space and Related International Law Related to Resource Extraction and Use
Resource Implications of Clay Minerals on Mars
Net Terrestrial Environmental Impact of the Use of Space Resources
Nuclear Reactors in Space
Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators For Space Applications
Nuclear Thermal Rockets
Effect of 3He Fusion Power Plants on Earth-Effect on Global Warming
Remote Sensing of Resources on the Moon
Production of Oxygen from Ilmentite by Hydrogen Reduction
Contours of Solar Wind Implantation on the Moon
Effect of Using Indigenous Oxygen From the Moon on Transportation From  Earth
How to Provide, From Lunar Sources, the Elements Consumed in a Typical Student's Diet for 1 Day
A 10 tonne/d oxygen plant that uses lunar "ore"
The Evolution of the Atmospheres of Earth, Venus, and Mars.
The Role of Free Water in the Evolution and Rheology in Planetary Bodies
A Comparison of Environmental Features of the DT, DD, and D3He Fusion Cycles

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