NEEP602 Course Notes (Fall 1996)
Resources from Space

Lecture #24: We "stand on the shoulders of giants!"

Title: Lunar Industrialization and the Saturn VI


Assumption: Space resources have a role in the economy of the Earth-Moon-Mars Sector of the Solar System

Assumption: Many national and world trends lead to the need for a global alternative to fossil fuels for the production of electrical power.

Assumptions underlying consideration of lunar industrialization

Lunar industrialization is a logical first step for the private sector to undertake in accessing space resources

Assumption: Development of the energy resources in space for use on Earth also provides large resources for use in space

Rationale for a private initiative relative to energy resources from space as the foundation for gaining access to resources from space

Roles for Governments relative to space resource initiatives

Sub strategies for Lunar Energy Industrialization (Lecture 42)

Path to Industrialization

The Economics of Earth launch


The following references make good text to supplement this lecture. You can see copies by contacting Prof. Schmitt.

Lunar Environmental Impact: Cameron, E.N., et al., 1990, p54-82

"Saturn VI:" Koelle's "Lunar Base Quarterlies"

Lunar Industrialization: Schmitt, 1994, p527-530


1. List and discuss at least five national and world trends that may lead to the need for a global alternative to fossil fuels for the production of electrical power.

2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of organizing the development of lunar resources under United Nations' management.

3. List and briefly discuss at least eight factors that suggest that re-engineering the Apollo Saturn V launch vehicle (rocket) would lead to significantly lower launch costs than for Apollo.


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