NEEP602 Course Notes (Fall 1996)
Resources from Space

From Neal et al., 1988

Table 2-3. Surface Mining Operations

TIMELINE             TASKS

-4:00 Support crew loads and configure rover
-1:30 Define schedule for shift activity
-0:30 Don suit
0:00  Egress habitat
0:10  Check equipment required for shift activities
0:20  Activate rover
           Disconnect rover from recharge power
           Activate rover power system
           Activate rover communication systems
           Activate rover control systems
           Activate rover navigation system
              Initialize rover navigation system
 0:25  Transport loaded rover to mining locations
 0:55  Deactivate rover
 1:00  Position equipment on regolith miner
 1:05  Activate regolith miner start-up power system
       Activate regolith miner communications system
       Ingress regolith miner
           Test and adjust communication system
           Place communications in operational configuration
       Activate regolith miner control computer
           Test and adjust control computer
           Place control computer in operational program
              Activate system and system test and adjustment routine
       Activate regolith miner primary power systems
           Test and adjust power system
           Place primary power system in operational configuration
       Activate regolith miner drive system
           Test and adjust drive system
           Place drive system in operational configuration
       Activate regolith digging system
           Test and adjust regolith digging system
           Place digging system in operational configuration
       Activate look-ahead radar
           Test and adjust look-ahead radar
           Place look-ahead radar in operational configuration
       Activate concentrate off-loading system
           Test and adjust concentrate off-loading system
           Place concentrate off-loading system on stand-by
       Activate secondary concentrator
           Test and adjust secondary concentrator
           Place secondary concentrator in stand-by
       Activate primary concentrator
           Test and adjust primary concentrator
           Place primary concentrator in stand-by
       Activate coarse reject off-loading system
           Test and adjust coarse rejects off-loading system
           Place coarse rejects off-loading system in stand-by
      Activate grade analysis system
           Test and adjust grade analysis system
           Place grade analysis systems in stand-by
      Implement required maintenance procedures
1:35  Connect lunar extravehicular mobility unit (LEMU) to miner consumables
           Connect LEMU communications system to miner communications system
           Confirm communications
           Connect electrical system to miner power supply
           Connect LEMU gas system to miner gas supply
           Connect LEMU water system to miner water supply
1:45  Position regolith digging system at mining face
1:50  Activate regolith miner
           Observe systems come on-line in proper sequence
      Observe regolith miner systems performance
           Detect changes in systems performance
                Adjust system elements as required
      Observe performances of regolith digging systems at mining face
           Detect changes in systems performance and regolith lithology
                Adjust mining schedule as required
      Observe grade analysis system data
           Detect adverse change in regolith grade
                Adjust mining schedule as required
      Observe look-ahead radar data
           Detect out-sized regolith boulders
                Adjust mining schedules as required
                Communicate information to base as required
2:00 Remove large boulders (see detailed timeline)

0:10 Configure rover for boulder removal Attach large borehole drill bit, rods, and casing to rover Attach and test acoustical profiling system Stow boulder remove explosive system Connect all power corrections 0:40 Transport loaded rover to detected location of boulder 1:10 Determine size and shape of boulder Visually (or with drill) verify indication of boulder Obtain and analyze acoustical profile 1:40 Plan removal procedures Position shot holes for desired boulder trajectory 2:00 Drill and ease shot hole(s) 2:30 Deploy boulder removal explosives Gather explosives Confirm initiator safety pins in place Place explosive canisters in shot hole(s) Pull safety pins on initiators 3:00 Transport rover to monitoring locations or protective enclosure 3:15 Detonate explosives 3:30 Transport rover to boulder location (former) Verify removal successful 3:35 Transport rover to next boulder location or to base

      Communicate information on shift activity
         Activate high data rate communications system
         Compute data as required
         Encode data as required
         Transmit data
6:00  Communicate shift information to next shift
         Compute shift data
         Display shift data as required
         Plot shift data as required
         Define changes in mining schedule as required
      Confirm shift change
6:25  Disconnect LEMU from miner consumables
         Disconnect LEMU water system from miner water supply
         Disconnect LEMU gas system from miner gas supply
         Disconnect LEMU electrical system from miner power supply
         Disconnect LEMU communications from miner communications
      Confirm communications
6:35  Gather equipment, tapes, etc., for return to base
6:40  Egress regolith miner
6:45  Position equipment, tapes, etc., on rover
6:50  Activate rover
6:55  Transport loaded rover to base
7:25  Deactivate rover
         Deactivate rover navigation system
         Deactivate rover control system
         Deactivate rover power system
         Connect rover to recharge power supply
7:30  Store equipment, tapes, etc., at base as required

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