NEEP602 Course Notes (Fall 1997)
Resources from Space


Resource Limitations on Earth

Geologic Processes and the Formation of Mineral Deposits

What is an Ore Deposit?

US Bureau of Mines Box

Ore Minerals and Ore Forming Processes

Geologic Processes

Ex: Surface Processes

Ex: Clastic Sedimentary Processes

Ex: Chemical Sedimentary Processes

Reserve and Resource Estimation

Geological Estimates

Resource Estimation

Statistical Estimates

Crustal Abundance Relation

Lasky Relation

Watch out for Extrapolation!

Combined Estimates are BEST

Additional Factors

World Reserves and the Future

Use Reserve Base Instead of Reserves?

Population and Standard of Living will Increase Significantly

Additional Problems with this Summary

Price vs Consumption

How to Forecast Future Production?

The Real Significance of these Numbers:

How does this apply to Space?

References and a more complete treatment of mineral resources issues on the Earth can be found in my course Minerals as a Public Problem.

Last Spring I had a student working on improving the Web presence of this course, his revision of the course and lots of links to related subjects can be found at:

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