NEEP533 Course Notes (Fall 2001)
Resources from Space

Question to be on Monday's exam. Plan on 10 minutes to answer, but we will refine that time in class on Friday.

Sketch a suggested geometric plan for the placement of various facilities, major components, and areas of specific activities for a lunar base (base architecture). Use two facing pages if necessary.

The base's primary function is the extraction, processing, and export of solar wind volatiles from a lunar maria site. There is a regional contact between helium-rich and helium-poor regolith that cuts through the base area. The base also can support other client users that you consider likely possibilities. Long term permanent settlement should be considered a possibility.

At a MINIMUM, include the following facilities, major components and areas of specific activities:

  • helium-rich region (HRR)
  • helium-poor region (HPR)
  • initial mining area (IMA)
  • normal living habitat (NLH)
  • volatiles refining facility (VRF)
  • earth launch area (ELA)
  • operations control habitat (OCH)
  • improved road routes (IRR)
  • radiation protection shelters (RPS)
  • equipment repair facility (ERF)

    There is no fully right answer, just good answers. Full credit, however, will require some quality imagination for the addition of other potentially important items.

    Label all items in your sketch clearly and provide a separate explanation for those items or placements that you feel may need clarification.

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