16th TOFE Technical Program

Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Tuesday Morning - 8-10 AM (5 talks, 15, 30, or 25 min each)
Fusion Program Overviews (Kulcinski) - Lecture Hall
   8:00- 8:15   Kulcinski    Opening Statement and Program Overview  
PL-I-1   8:15-8:45   Schmitt   Large Energy Development Projects: Lessons Learned from Space and Politics  
PL-I-2   8:45-9:10    Davies   US MFE National Picture  
PL-I-3   9:10-9:35   Keane    Status of the US Inertial Confinement Fusion Program  
PL-I-4   9:35-10:00    Seki   Overview of Recent Japanese Activities in Fusion Technology  
Coffee Break - 10-10:30 AM - Grand Terrace
Tuesday Morning - 10:30-12 AM (3 || sessions, 5 talks per session, 18 min each)
Engineering of Experimental Devices (Meade, Kellman) - Lecture Hall
O-I-1.1   10:30-10:48   Kellman    Advanced Control Techniques and High Performance Discharges on DIII-D  
O-I-1.2   10:48-11:06   Gasparotto   W7-X Progress  
O-I-1.3   11:06-11:24   Fonck   Recent progress of Low Aspect Ratio Machines  
O-I-1.4   11:24-11:42   Kaye   Progress in Technology at JET  
O-I-1.5   11:42-12:00   Simmons   Recent Progress in NCSX Design and Fabrication  
High Average Power Laser - Special Session (Sethian, Blanchard) - Hall of Ideas-H
O-I-2.1   10:30-10:48   Sethian   The Path to Develop Laser Fusion Energy  
O-I-2.2   10:48-11:06   Jones   KrF Laser Drivers for Initial Fusion Energy  
O-I-2.3   11:06-11:24   Bibeau   Diode-Pumped Solid-State Laser Driver for Inertial Fusion Energy  
O-I-2.4   11:24-11:42   Dragojlovic   Effects of Chamber Geometry and Gas Properties on Hydrodynamic Evolution of IFE Chambers  
O-I-2.5   11:42-12:00   Blanchard   Development of a Dry Wall Concept for Laser IFE Chamber  
Socioeconomics, Safety, Radwaste, and Licensing (Taylor, Sheffield) - Hall of Ideas-E
O-I-3.1   10:30-10:48   Sheffield    Future World Energy Demand and Supply: China and India and the Potential Role of Fusion Energy  
O-I-3.2   10:48-11:06   Petti   Status of Safety and Environmental Activities in the US Fusion Program  
O-I-3.3   11:06-11:24   El-Guebaly    Evolution of Clearance Standards and Implications for Radwaste Management of Fusion Power Plants  
O-I-3.4   11:24-11:4   Taylor   Key Issues for the Safety and Licensing of Fusion  
O-I-3.5   11:42-12:00   D'haeseleer   Fusion Power; a Strategic Choice for the Future Energy Provision. Why is so Much Time Wasted for Decision Making?  
Lunch - 12-1:30 PM
Poster Session-I - 1:30 - 3:30 PM - Grand Terrace
Code Development, Testing, and Validation Experiments (Morley, Sugimoto)
P-I-1   Shestakov   In-pile Assemblies for Testing of Li2TiO3 Lithium Ceramic Blanket  
P-I-2   Tazhibayeva   KTM Experimental Complex Project Status  
P-I-3   Nygren   Thermal Modeling of the Sandia Flinabe (LiF-BeF2-NaF) Melt Experiment  
P-I-4   Maebara   Power-balance control by Slug Tuner for the 175MHz RFQ linac in IFMIF project  
P-I-5   McDonald   Measurement of the Melting Point Temperature of Several Lithium-Sodium-Beryllium Fluoride Salt (FLiNaBe) Mixtures  
P-I-6   Ranjan   Investigation of hydrodynamic instabilities in shock-accelerated flows for ICF  
P-I-7   Debonnel   Visual Tsunami: A versatile, user-friendly radiation hydrodynamics design code  
P-I-8   Debonnel   Validation of the Tsunami code through the Condensation Debris Experiment  
P-I-9   Debonnel   Practical ablation models for IFE chamber design  
Target Development and IFE Technology (Petzoldt, Wurden)
P-I-10   Petzoldt   Target Injection Tracking and Position Prediction Update  
P-I-11   Vermillion   Fabrication of a Full Density Polyvinylphenol Overcoat for IFE Targets  
P-I-12   Frey   Rep-Rated Target Injection for Inertial Fusion Energy  
P-I-13   Olson   Target Physics Scaling for Z-Pinch Inertial Fusion Energy  
P-I-14   Rose   Large-Area Electron Beam Diode and Gas Cell Design for a KrF Laser IFE System  
P-I-15   Wu   Electron Injection for Space - Charge Contron in HIBF  
P-I-16   Calderoni   Experimental study of voltage breakdown over flibe liquid surfaces for IFE applications  
P-I-17   Hahn   Characterization of Arc Generated Plasma Interactions with a Liquid Metal Medium  
P-I-18   Bardet   Liquid Vortex Shielding for Fusion Energy Applications  
P-I-19   Christensen   Thermal Loading of a Direct-Drive Target in Rarefied Gas  
P-I-20   Christensen   Modeling DT Vaporization and Melting in a Direct-Drive Target  
Nuclear Analysis and Experiments (Youssef, Sato)
P-I-21   Muroga   Neutronics Investigation into Lithium/Vanadium Test Blanket Modules  
P-I-22   Yamauchi   Estimation of Radioactivities in the IFMIF Liquid Lithium Loop due to the Erosion and Corrosion of Target Back-wall  
P-I-23   Sato   Neutronics experiments using small partial mockup of the ITER test blanket module with solid breeder  
P-I-24   Tanaka   Tritium Self-Sufficiency and Neutron Shielding Performance of Liquid Li Self-Cooled Helical Reactor  
P-I-25   El-Guebaly   Views on Neutronics and Activation Issues Facing Thick Liquid-Protected IFE Chambers  
P-I-26   Youssef   Activation Analysis for Two Molten Salt Dual-Coolant Blanket Concepts for the US Demo Reactor  
P-I-27   Youssef   On the Strategy and Requirements for Neutronics Testing in ITER  
P-I-28   Wang   Three-Dimensional Modeling of Complex Fusion Devices Using CAD-MCNP Interface  
In-Vessel Components and Power Conversion (Gohar, Enoeda)
P-I-29   Gohar   Blanket Design and Optimization Demonstrations of the First Wall/Blanket/Shield Design and Optimization System  
P-I-30   Sviatoslavsky   A Self-Cooled Lithium Blanket Concept for the HAPL Conceptual Laser IFE Power Plant  
P-I-31   Wang   Maintenance Approaches for ARIES-CS Power Core  
P-I-32   Rochau   Manufacturing Concepts for an IFE Power Plant Using Z-Pinch Technology  
P-I-33   Viola   National Compact Stellarator Experiment (NCSX) Vacuum Vessel Manufacture  
P-I-34   Takeno   Experiments to Improve Power Conversion Paramters in a TWDEC Simulator  
P-I-35   Yasaka   Experimental Simulation on Particle Discrimination for Direct Energy Conversion  
P-I-36   Zhao   Optimized Helium-Brayton Power Conversion for Fusion Energy Systems  
Materials Development (Diegele, Sharafat)
P-I-37   Tsuchiya   Radiation Induced Conductivity of Proton Conductive Ceramics  
P-I-38   Wakai   Effect of Initial Heat Treatment on DBTT of F82H Steel Irradiated by Neutrons  
P-I-39   Nagasaka   Tungsten Coating on Low Activation Vanadium Alloy by Plasma Spray Process  
P-I-40   Maday   Hydrogen Embrittlement Susceptibility of Conventional and Reduced Activation 9Cr Steels  
P-I-41   Ogiwara   Synergistic Influence of Displacement Damage and Helium/dpa on Microstructural Evolution and Radiation-Induced Hardening of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel  
P-I-42   Sawada   Corrosion Behavior of Insulator Coatings for Fusion Reactor Lithium Blankets  
P-I-43   Ozawa   Cavity Swelling Behavior in SiC/SiC under Charged Particle Irradiation  
P-I-44   Sharafat   An Innovative Solid Breeder Material for Fusion Applications  
P-I-45   Hashimoto   Helium Retention of Ion-irradiated and annealed Tungsten Foils  
P-I-46   Sharafat   Elasto-plastic Dislocation-based Constitutive Modeling within Full Scale 3-D Thermo-mechanical FEM Analysis of an ITER-TBM  
Magnets and Structural Analysis (Titus, Simmons)
P-I-47   Senkowicz   Upper Critical Field Improvement in MgB2 by Mechanical Alloying  
P-I-48   Hashizume   Jointing Performance in HTc SC Tape for remountable magnet system  
P-I-49   Bromberg   Advanced Options for Modular Stellarator Magnets  
P-I-50   Jewell   Sn content and alloying effects in ITER Nb3Sn strand  
P-I-51   Titus   Seismic Analysis of the National Compact Stellarator (NCSX)  
P-I-52   Freudenberg   Non-linear Analysis of the Modular Coil Windings for the National Compact Stellarator Experiment  
P-I-53   Myatt   Electromagnetic Linear Structural Analysis of the National Compact Stellarator Experiment (NCSX) Modular Coil System  
P-I-54   Kozub   Testing of NCSX Composite Coil Material Properties  
P-I-55   Titus   Structural Analysis of the JET TAE Antenna  
P-I-56   Williamson   Wire Debris Modeling of the Z-Accelerator  
P-I-57   Dahlgren   Structural Analysis of the NCSX Vacuum Vessel  
P-I-58   Doshi   Design Requirement, Qualification Tests and Integration of a Thin Solid Lubricant Film of MoS2 for Cold Mass Support Structure of the Steady State Superconducting Tokamak SST-1  
Tuesday Afternoon - 3:30 - 5:30 PM (3 || sessions, 6 talks per session, 20 min each)
Power Plant Studies (Waganer, Rochau) - Lecture Hall
O-I-4.1   3:30-3:50   Najmabadi   ARIES-IFE Assessment of Operational Windows for IFE Power Plants  
O-I-4.2   3:50-4:10    Cook   European Fusion Power Plant Studies  
O-I-4.3   4:10-4:30   Wilson    Synergies between the Generation IV and Advanced Fusion Power Plants  
O-I-4.4   4:30-4:50   Meade   FIRE, A Test Bed for ARIES-RS/AT Advanced Physics and Plasma Technology  
O-I-4.5   4:50-5:10   Rochau   Progress Toward Development of an IFE Power Plant Using Z-Pinch Technology  
O-I-4.6   5:10-5:30   Dolan   Helical Fusion Power Plant Economics Studies  
ITER Test Blanket Modules - Special Session (Abdou, Sawan) - Hall of Ideas-H
O-I-5.1   3:30-3:50   Chuyanov    Interface of Blanket Testing and ITER design  
O-I-5.2   3:50-4:10   Abdou   Blanket Testing Issues and Requirements  
O-I-5.3   4:10-4:30   Boccaccini   European Test strategy for Test blanket modules to be tested in ITER  
O-I-5.4   4:30-4:50   Enoeda    Plans and Strategy for ITER Blanket Testing in Japan  
O-I-5.5   4:50-5:10   Morley   Thermofluid Magnetohydrodynamic Issues for Liquid Breeders  
O-I-5.6   5:10-5:30   Ying   Engineering Scaling Requirements for Solid Breeder Blanket Testing  
Non-Electric Applications (Schultz, Santarius) - Hall of Ideas-E
O-I-6.1   3:30-3:50   Schultz   Fusion Production of Hydrogen; How Fusion Energy Can Fuel the Hydrogen Economy  
O-I-6.2   3:50-4:10   Konishi   Potential Fusion Market for Hydrogen Production Under Environmental Constraints  
O-I-6.3   4:10-4:30   Stacey    Tokamak Neutron Source Based Spent Nuclear Fuel Transmutation Reactors  
O-I-6.4   4:30-4:50   Yoshikawa   Research and Development of Landmine Detection System by a Compact Fusion Neutron Source  
O-I-6.5   4:50-5:10    Miley   RF Ion Source-Driven IEC Design and Operation  
O-I-6.6   5:10-5:30   Santarius    Overview of University of Wisconsin Inertial-Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Research  
Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Wednesday Morning - 8-10 AM (4 talks, 30 min each)
Fusion Development and Near-Term Facilities (El-Guebaly) - Lecture Hall
PL-II-1   8:00-8:30   Dean    Historical Perspective on the United States Fusion Program  
PL-II-2   8:30-9:00   Iotti   The Role of Industry in Fusion Development  
PL-II-3   9:00-9:30   Wuest   The National Ignition Facility: Laser Performance and First Experiments  
PL-II-4   9:30-10:00   Andreani   European Technological Effort in Preparation for ITER Construction  
Coffee Break - 10-10:30 AM - Grand Terrace
Wednesday Morning - 10:30-12 AM (3 || sessions, 5 talks per session, 18 min each)
ARIES Compact Stellarator - Special Session (Najmabadi, Cook) - Lecture Hall
O-II-1.1   10:30-10:48   Najmabadi   Exploration of Compact Stellarators as Power Plants: Initial Results from ARIES-CS Study  
O-II-1.2   10:48-11:06   Garabedian   Reactors with Stellarator Stability and Tokamak Transport  
O-II-1.3   11:06-11:24   Lyon   Optimization of Stellarator Reactor Parameters  
O-II-1.4   11:24-11:42   Raffray   Attractive Design Approaches for a Compact Stellarator Power Plant  
O-II-1.5   11:42-12:00   El-Guebaly    Benefits of Radial Build Minimization and Requirements Imposed on ARIES-CS Stellarator Design  
Target Development and IFE Technology (Goodin, Peterson) - Hall of Ideas-H
O-II-2.1   10:30-10:48   Goodin   Demonstrating a Target Supply for Inertial Fusion Energy  
O-II-2.2   10:48-11:06   Norimatsu   Development of target fabrication and injection for Laser Fusion in Japan  
O-II-2.3   11:06-11:24   Moses    High Energy Density Simulations for IFE Reactor Design  
O-II-2.4   11:24-11:42   Callahan   Target Designs for Heavy Ion Inertial Fusion Energy  
O-II-2.5   11:42-12:00   Streit   Fabrication of Overcoated Divinylbenzene (DVB) Shells  
Latest Technology and Tritium System (Dean, Cadwallader) - Hall of Ideas-E
O-II-3.1   10:30-10:48   Hosogane   Recent Technological Progress for Advanced Tokamak Research in JT-60U and JFT-2M  
O-II-3.2   10:48-11:06   Lucon    An Integrated Approach to Fusion Material Research at SCK-CEN  
O-II-3.3   11:06-11:24   Cadwallader   Comparison of Tritium Component Failure Rate Data  
O-II-3.4   11:24-11:42   Burruss   Development in Remote Collaboration and Distributed Computing  
O-II-3.5   11:42-12:00    Putvinskaya   Information Technology Systems for Fusion Industry and ITER project  
Lunch - 12-1:30 PM
Poster Session-II - 1:30 - 3:30 PM - Grand Terrace
Plasma Control and Diagnostics (Mau, Hosogane)
P-II-1   Machkour   Magnetic method To characterize the Current Densities in a Breaker Arc  
P-II-2   Scoville   Automatic Fault-Checking System on the DIII-D Tokamak  
P-II-3   Oliva   Four Barrel Pellet Injector Upgrade on the Madison Symmetric Torus (MST)  
P-II-4   Kowbel   Hybrid AL/SiC composite optics for IFE applications  
P-II-5   Cengher   EBW coupling using a twin waveguide launcher on the MST reversed field pinch  
P-II-6   Matsuura   Effect of Nuclear Elastic Scattering on Neutral Beam Injection Heating in Thermonuclear Plasmas  
P-II-7   Deranian   Integrated Plasma Control in Next-Generation Devices Using DIII-D Modeling and Simulation Approaches  
P-II-8   Akino   Long pulse operation of NBI system for JT-60U  
P-II-9   Walker   Nonlinear Methods for Current Limit Constraint Satisfaction in Tokamak Plasma Shape Control  
P-II-10   Welander   Nonrigid, Linear Plasma Response Model Based on Perturbed Equilibria for Axisymmetric Tokamak Control Design  
P-II-11   Ebara   Numerical Study on behavior of hydrogen ice pellet in drift tube  
P-II-12   Mau   Alpha Particle Loss and Heat Load Assessment for Compact Stellarator Reactors  
P-II-13   Kamberov   Correlations of ELM frequency with pedestal plasma parameters  
Non-Electric Applications and IEC Research (Nebel, Konishi)
P-II-14   Cheng   Performance Characteristics of Actinide-Burning Fusion Power Plants  
P-II-15   Cipiti   The Production of 13N using Beam-Target D-3He Fusion  
P-II-16   Takamatsu   Improvement of an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Device  
P-II-17   Osawa   Optimal Position of Ion Source for High Performance of IEC  
P-II-18   Osawa   Numerical Study on Hollow Cathode Discharge of IEC Fusion  
P-II-19   Ueno   Measurement of Ion Energy Distributions in a Cylindrical Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion (C-IECF) Device  
P-II-20   Yoshinaga   Fast Neutral Generation by Charge Exchange Reaction and its Effect on Nuclear Burning in Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Systems  
P-II-21   Noborio   One Dimensional Simulation of an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion at Low Gas Pressure Operation  
P-II-22   Yamamoto   Influence of the Electrode Spacing on the Performance Characteristics of Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Fusion in Low Pressure Operation  
P-II-23   Yamauchi   Pulsed Operation of a Compact Fusion Neutron Source Using a High-Voltage Pulse Generator Developed for Landmine Detection  
P-II-24   Radel   Implantation of D+ and He+ in Candidate Fusion First Wall Materials  
P-II-25   Radel   Optimizing Neutron Production Rates from D-D Fusion in an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Device  
P-II-26   Murali   D-3He Proton Energy Distribution from an IEC Device  
P-II-27   Piefer   Design of an Ion Source for Low Pressure IEC Operation  
P-II-28   Nebel   An Electrostatic Confinement Experiment to Explore the Periodically Oscillating Plasma Sphere  
Safety and Environment (Cheng)
P-II-29   El-Guebaly   Initial Activation Assessment for ARIES Compact Stellarator Power Plant  
P-II-30   Cadwallader   Compressed Gas Safety for Experimental Fusion Facilities  
P-II-31   Savercool   Activities of the US-Japan Safety Monitor Joint Working Group  
P-II-32   Cadwallader   The Worker Exposure Failure Modes and Effects Analysis  
High Flux Components and Chamber Clearing (Linke, Mima)
P-II-33   Shin   Design Constraints for Liquid-Protected Divertors  
P-II-34   Hirooka   Particle Control by Lithium-Gettered Moving-Surface PFCs in Steady State Magnetic Fusion Devices  
P-II-35   Karditsas   Optimization of the HETS He-cooled divertor concept:Thermal-fluid and structural analysis  
P-II-36   Morikawa   Experimental Analysis of Soaker Hose Concept for First Wall/Diverter Application  
P-II-37   Latkowski   Pulsed X-Ray Exposures and Modeling for Tungsten as an IFE First Wall Material  
P-II-38   Whyte   DIONISOS: A new experiment on the dynamics of plasma-surface interactions  
P-II-39   Stubbers   The Flowing Liquid-Metal Retention Experiment (FLIRE) Results  
P-II-40   Durbin   Impact of Boundary-Layer Cutting on Free-Surface Behavior in Turbulent Liquid Sheets  
P-II-41   Durbin   Flow Conditioning Design in Thick Liquid Protection  
P-II-42   Debonnel   Visual Tsunami modeling of ballistic and assisted-pinch heavy-ion target chambers  
Thermal and MHD Analyses (Karditsas, Sagara)
P-II-43   Novak   Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Mist Cooling for the Electra Hibachi  
P-II-44   Yin   Prediction of Pressure Drop in the ITER Divertor Cooling Channels  
P-II-45   Pampin-Garcia   Heat transfer issues in finite element analysis of PPCS model bounding accidents  
P-II-46   Chiba   Experimental Research on Heat Transfer Enhancement for High Prandtl-Number Fluid  
P-II-47   Mignot   Initial Study of Supercritical Fluid Blowdown  
P-II-48   Okumura   Evaluation of flow structure in packed-bed tube by visualization experiment  
P-II-49   Togashi   Heat Transfer Enhancement Technique with Copper Fiber Porous Media  
P-II-50   Modesto-Beato   Thermal Analysis of the Z-Pinch Power Plant Concept  
P-II-51   Luo   Modeling Development for Free Surface Flow with Phase Change  
P-II-52   An   Experimental & Numerical Study of Ceramic Breeder Pebble Bed Thermal Deformation Behavior  
P-II-53   Abou-Sena   Effects of Pulsed Operation Conditions on Effective Thermo-physical Properties of Ceramic Breeder Pebble Beds  
P-II-54   Dritselis   Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulent Channel Flow with Transverse Square Cylinders  
P-II-55   Smolentsev   MHD Effects on Heat Transfer in a Molten Salt Blanket  
P-II-56   Narula   Study of Liquid Metal Film Flow Characteristics under Fusion Relevant Magnetic Fields  
Wednesday Afternoon - 3:30 - 5:30 PM (3 || sessions, 6 talks per session, 20 min each)
US Contributions to ITER - Special Session (Baker, Ulrickson) - Lecture Hall
O-II-4.1   3:30-3:50   Antaya   The ITER CS Magnet System  
O-II-4.2   3:50-4:10   Ulrickson   Proposed US Participation in Fabrication of the First Wall and Shield for ITER  
O-II-4.3   4:10-4:30   Rasmussen   ITER Ion Cyclotron Heating and Fueling Systems  
O-II-4.4   4:30-4:50   Vernon   ITER ECH System and US ECH Program for ITER  
O-II-4.5   4:50-5:10   Petti   Future US ITER Safety Studies  
O-II-4.6   5:10-5:30   Paffett   ITER Plasma Exhaust Processing System  
Breeding Blanket Development (Raffray, Sviatoslavsky) - Hall of Ideas-H
O-II-5.1   3:30-3:50   Enoeda    Development of Solid Breeder Blanket at JAERI  
O-II-5.2   3:50-4:10   Fischer   EU Blanket Design Activities and Neutronics Support Efforts  
O-II-5.3   4:10-4:30   Wong    Assessment of Liquid Breeder First Wall and blanket Options for the DEMODesign  
O-II-5.4   4:30-4:50   Sawan    Neutronics Assessment of Molten Salt Breeding Blanket Design Options  
O-II-5.5   4:50-5:10   Sagara   Innovative Liquid Blanket Design Activities in Japan  
O-II-5.6   5:10-5:30   Raffray   Ceramic Breeder Blanket for ARIES-CS  
IFE Designs and Technology (Meier, Olson) - Hall of Ideas-E
O-II-6.1   3:30-3:50   Olson   Development Path for Z Pinch IFE  
O-II-6.2   3:50-4:10   Meier   Update on Progress and Challenges in the Development of Heavy Ion Fusion  
O-II-6.3   4:10-4:30   Wurden   Overview of Magneto-Inertial Fusion  
O-II-6.4   4:30-4:50   Mima   Present Status of Fast Ignition Research and Prospects of FIREX Project  
O-II-6.5   4:50-5:10   Yu   The Modular Approach to Heavy-Ion Fusion  
O-II-6.6   5:10-5:30    Peterson   Dynamics of Liquid-Protected Fusion Chambers  
Thursday, September 16, 2004
Thursday Morning - 8-10 AM (3 || sessions, 6 talks per session, 20 min each)
Materials Development (Zinkle, Kohyama) - Lecture Hall
O-III-1.1   8:00-8:20   Zinkle   Overview of the US Fusion Materials Sciences Program  
O-III-1.2   8:20-8:40   Diegele   European Fusion Materials Research Program - Recent Results and Future Strategy  
O-III-1.3   8:40-9:00   Kohyama    Recent Accomplishments and Future Prospects of Materials R & D in Japan  
O-III-1.4   9:00-9:20   Larbalestier    New Superconductors for Fusion Magnets  
O-III-1.5   9:20-9:40   Konys   Status of Tritium Permeation Barrier Development in the EU  
O-III-1.6   9:40-10:00    Pint   Recent Progress Addressing Compatibility Issues Relevant to Fusion Environments  
High Heat Flux Components (Seki, Hassanein) - Hall of Ideas-H
O-III-2.1   8:00-8:20   Brooks   Overview of ALPS Program  
O-III-2.2   8:20-8:40   Linke   EU Developments of High Heat-flux Components  
O-III-2.3   8:40-9:00   Hassanein   Plasma/Liquid-Metal Interactions during Tokamak Operation  
O-III-2.4   9:00-9:20   Snead    IFE First Wall Survival: Development and Testing of a Refractory Armored Ferritic  
O-III-2.5   9:20-9:40   Mirnov    The Use of Ga and Li as Limiter Materials in T-3M and T-11M Tokamaks  
O-III-2.6   9:40-10:00   Renk   Laser Inertial Fusion Dry-Wall Materials Exposure to X-rays and Ions  
Nuclear Technology Experiments and Testing (Abdel-Khalik, Anderson) - Hall of Ideas-E
O-III-3.1   8:00-8:20   Peng   Emgineering and Physics Assessments of Spherical Torus Component Test Facility  
O-III-3.2   8:20-8:40   Abdel-Khalik    An Overview of the Fluid Dynamics Aspects of Liquid Protection Schemes for Fusion Systems  
O-III-3.3   8:40-9:00   Sugimoto   Recent Progress of Design & Development of IFMIF Activities  
O-III-3.4   9:00-9:20   Morley   Progress on Liquid Metal MHD Free Surface Flow Modeling and Experiments  
O-III-3.5   9:20-9:40   Anderson    Protection of IFE First Wall Surfaces from Impulsive Loading by Multiple Liquid Layers  
O-III-3.6   9:40-10:00   Rodriguez   Z-Pinch Power Plant Shock Mitigation Experiments and Analysis  
Coffee Break - 10-10:30 AM - Grand Terrace
Thursday Morning - 10:30-12 AM (3 talks, 30 min each)
The ITER Project (Callen) - Lecture Hall
PL-III-1   10:30-11:00   Barabaschi   ITER Status  
PL-III-2   11:00-11:30   Sauthoff   US ITER Project Activities  
PL-III-3   11:30-12:00   Baker   Relation of US VLT Program to ITER  
-   12:00-12:10   Kulcinski    Wrap-up