Fusion Power Associates (FPA) Report List

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FPA technical reports were published from 1982-1997 and report FTI research performed with the Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe.


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FPA-92-3   Thermal Ionization Effects on Inner-Shell Line Emission for Au Targets Heated by Intense Light Ion Beams; P. Wang, J.J. MacFarlane, G.A. Moses, March 1992 [presented at the 9th Topical Conference on High-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics, Santa Fe, NM, 15-19 March 1992; submitted to Review of Scientific Instruments] [also UWFDM-878].

FPA-92-6   Theoretical Spectroscopic Analysis of Intense Ion Beam - Plasma Interaction in the PBFA II Gas Cell; P. Wang, J.J. MacFarlane, G.A. Moses, J.E. Bailey, May 1992 [presented at Beams '92, 25-29 May 1992, Washington, DC] [also UWFDM-897]. [more]

FPA-92-10   Relativistic Configuration Interaction Calculations of Kalpha Satellite Properties for Aluminum Ions; P. Wang, J.J. MacFarlane, G.A. Moses, September 1992 [submitted to Phys. Rev.] [also UWFDM-907].

FPA-93-7   ATBASE User's Guide; P. Wang, December 1993 [also UWFDM-942].

FPA-93-8   EOSOPC - A Code for Computing the Equations of State and Opacities of High Temperature Plasmas with Detailed Atomic Models; Ping Wang, December 1993 [also UWFDM-933].

FPA-96-8   ATBASE User's Guide (Version 2); Ping Wang, October 1996. (62 pages, 636 kB)

FPA-85-3   Z-PINCH - A Multifrequency Radiative Transfer Magnetohydrodynamics Computer Code; John J. Watrous, Gregory A. Moses and Robert R. Peterson, March 1985 [also UWFDM-584].

FPA-94-4   The Early Sun: Precursor to Helium and Neon Isotopes in the Earth; L.J. Wittenberg, July 1994 [oral presentation at the Eighth International Conference on Geochronology and Isotope Geology, June 5-11, 1994, Berkeley CA (also UWFDM-961)].

FPA-94-5   Non-Lunar 3He Resources; L.J. Wittenberg, July 1994 [presented at the Second Wisconsin Symposium on Helium-3 and Fusion Power, 19-21 July 1993, Madison WI; addendum added July 1994 (also UWFDM-967)].

Results: 81 to 89 of 89 order by: UWFDM AuthorTitle Date
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