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UWFDM-1254   Overview of University of Wisconsin Inertial-Electrostatic Confinement Fusion Research; J.F. Santarius, G.L. Kulcinski, R.P. Ashley, D.R. Boris, B.B. Cipiti, S. Krupakar Murali, G.R. Piefer, R.F. Radel, T.E. Uchytil, and A.L. Wehmeyer, September 2004 [Proceedings 16th ANS Topical Meeting on Fusion Energy, Fusion Science and Technology 47 (4), May 2005, pp. 1238-1244]. (10 pages, 1.5 MB)

retrieve PDF Effect of Helium and Deuterium Implantation on Tungsten Surfaces at T>1000 C; Ben Cipiti, G.L. Kulcinski, J.F. Santarius, R.P. Ashley, G.R. Piefer, S.K. Murali, R.F. Radel, A. Wehmeyer, D. Boris, T. Uchytil, September 2003 [presented at the High Average Power Laser Program Meeting, University of Wisconsin, Madison WI, 24-25 September 2003]. (16 pages, 6.6 MB)

retrieve PDF Current Directions for the University of Wisconsin IEC Research Program; G. Kulcinski, J. Santarius, R. Ashley, H. Schmitt, D. Boris, B. Cipiti, G. Piefer, R. Radel, S. Krupakar Murali, K. Tomiyasu, A. Wehmeyer, J. Weidner, T. Uchytil, October 2003 [presented at the 6th U.S.-Japan IEC Workshop, 20-21 October 2003, Tokyo, Japan]. (20 pages, 621 kB)