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UWFDM-882   Pulsed/Intermittent Activation in Fusion Energy Reactor Systems; J.E. Sisolak, S.E. Spangler, D.L. Henderson, March 1992 [Prepared for the 10th Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy, 7-12 June 1992, Boston MA (Fus. Tech. 21 (May 1992) 2145]. (10 pages, 592 kB)

UWFDM-905   Calculational Models for the Treatment of Pulsed/Intermittent Activation within Fusion Energy Devices; S.E. Spangler, J.E. Sisolak, D.L. Henderson, August 1992 [published in Fusion Engineering and Design 22 (July 1993) 349]. (33 pages, 738 kB)

UWFDM-956   GERAPH: A Novel Approach to the General Solution of Pulsed History Activation Problems; P.P.H. Wilson, J.E. Sisolak, D.L. Henderson, June 1994 [Prepared for the Eleventh Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy, June 19-23, 1994, New Orleans LA]. (8 pages, 566 kB)