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UWFDM-1124   Containment of Radioactive Material in the Z, ZX, and X-1 Facilities: Progress Report for the Period January 1, 1999 to December 31, 1999; R.R. Peterson, G.L. Kulcinski, M.H. Anderson, M.L. Corradini, D.A. Haynes, D.L. Henderson, D.C. Kammer, H.Y. Khater, P. McKenna, E.A. Mogahed, G.A. Moses, K. Olson, G.A. Rochau, J.F. Santarius, C. Sauer, M.E. Sawan, I.N. Sviatoslavsky, T. Utschig, P.P.H. Wilson, J. Yuan, December 1999. (75 pages, 6.4 MB)