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UWFDM-321   A Study of the Tritium Handling Systems in Magnetic and Inertial Confinement Fusion Reactors With and Without Tritium Breeding; M.S. Ortman, E.M. Larsen, and S.I. Abdel-Khalik, February 1980. (47 pages, 2.0 MB)

UWFDM-449   Studies on Tritium Breeders for Fusion Reactors: I. The Preparation, Characterization and Melting Point of Lithium Oxide, II. The Preparation and Melting Point of Octalithium Zirconate; M.S. Ortman and E.M. Larsen, August 1982 (revised March 1983). (47 pages, 2.0 MB)

2 publications found