NEEP602 Course Notes (Fall 1996)
Resources from Space

NEEP 602 Course Notes

Lecture 5, 6, 7: Origin of the Solar System

Two other versions of the lecture notes appear below. The PostScript and Microsoft Word versions are offered since the web (html) version's equations may be difficult to read, and won't print well. The Microsoft Word file below is a binary Mac Microsoft Word 5.1 document. If you don't have Microsoft Word, or a program that can read Word documents, the file won't appear on-screen correctly. Likewise, you need a PostScript viewer to see the PostScript version on-screen (though the file can be downloaded to a PostScript printer).

You need to set your Netscape preferences so that the PostScript or Word versions are correctly recognized as such by your computer.

(Don't click unless you have Microsoft Word on your computer!!)
(PostScript version! You need a PostScript viewer or printer for this file.)

Hubble star formation images
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